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Barracuda Spam Filter

Barracuda is a firewall device designed specifically to block unsolicited or unwanted email from reaching your email box or flagging software so that you may choose what to do with it.

Each time Barracuda blocks a virus you will be notified that a virus intended for your email address has been blocked. Questionable email will be sent to a quarantine folder and you will be sent a daily summary of your quarantined mail. You will be linked to your quarantined mail and given choices on how to handle this mail. All mail known outright to be spam or porn will be blocked totally.

Handling Quarantined Mail

Once you log in to your quarantine mail box on Barracuda you will see a box similiar to the above.

There are three buttons on the top right to control how you handle this mail.

1) Select all your mail by checking the check box next to the date heading or select a single email by checking the check box next to the date.
2) You can either click the delete button which deletes the all your selected mail. Barracuda uses this as a learning tool to prevent these emails being sent again.
3) You may choose to white list the selected emails which will continue to pass these emails through without hindrance in the future.
4) You may also click on deliver which will deliver the selected emails to your lcs email account but will be flagged in the future.

Log into your Barracuda quarantined mail account