Website Hosting and Development

At LogOn we provide the finest in web page development, design and hosting services, using the latest in technology in design and hosting. You may design or have us design your web site and we will host your site and also register your domain name.

What’s Included?

  • Free Initial consultation to determine what you desire,
    and discuss design ideas and scope.

  • Converting of  existing formats into HTML format.

  • Graphic design and enhancements.

  • Available options – Frames, animations, JavaScript, etc

  • Testing and proofing of your pages and links.

  • Uploading of your site to the web

Page Design and Hosting Price Schedule

Domain Name Registration
Hosting Fees
$70.00 for 2 years
Web Page Hosting – Basic
1) less than 10 megabyte in size
2) limit 1 gbyte in bandwidth
3)includes annual domain name renewal
$25.00 monthly
prepay 1 year 250.00/year
Web Page Hosting – Standard
1) 10 –  20 megabytes in size
2) limit 1 gbyte in bandwith
3) Includes annual Domain name renewal
$50.00 monthly
prepay 1 year 500.00/year
Web Page Hosting – Deluxe*
1) disk space
2) bandwith
50.00 Month
Web Site Development
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